GTV Compact Series

GTV Compact Series

The GTV compact system is a mobile, mass-flow controlled operation and control closed loop controller and operating unit for the following TS processes:

  • Wire Flame Spraying 15E, 5K, 7K
  • Powder Flame Spraying 6P, USJ, MSJ
  • HVOF Spraying: Air Cooled GLC, GLC ID
  • HVOF Spraying:  Water-Cooled Top Gun, DJ Gun
  • Plasma Spraying P2, 3MB, 9MB, F4/F6, SG100
  • Plasma Spraying ID F1/F7, 11MB
  • Combination of HVOF/ Wire/Powder Flame Spraying

Technical Information
Dimensions:      600 x 600 x 1.000mm
Weight:      140 kg
Voltage:    230V/50Hz od. 110V/60Hz
Controller:  Siemens PLC S7-300
Display:    16 Colors, 5.7″ Siemens Operator Panel TP 177
Gas control:    Closed loop mass flow controlled
Gas warning device:    Included

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