GTV K2 HVOF Spraying

 GTV K2 HVOF System

The GTV K2 high velocity oxygen fuel spraying system is operated with the liquid fuel “kerosene” and oxygen. The fuel/oxygen gas mixture is burned in a combustion chamber and expanded to supersonic speed in a convergent-divergent nozzle situated downstream. The powder-formed spraying material is injected radially and symmetrically in the divergent nozzle element into the flow. This has an advantage over axial injection into the combustion chamber in that higher pressure is not applied at the injection location and, as such, good conditions are present for the particle injection. The use of a liquid fuel results in a very economical process during which high levels of application can be achieved. The expansion nozzles used can be changed quickly and conveniently. This means that the nozzle geometry can be adapted to the respective spraying material. The HVOF process is most often employed for the manufacture of very dense, hard and low-oxide coatings based on metals or alloys respectively or metal matrix compound materials such as cermets.

Technical Specification
• 3.Generation, Liquid Fuel (Kerosene) HVOF Burner• Gas Velocity > 2000 m/s
• Coatings with Compressived Stresses, Coating Thickness (20 – 2000 µm)
• Coatings with high Bond Strength, low Porosity (100 M a resp. < 1%)
• Low Heat Input
• Smooth Surfaces (Ra< 2 µm)
• Near Net Shape Spraying
• Processing of fine-grained Powders (+5 -15 µm)
• Optimum Decarburisation of Cermets (Tribology)
• VPS-like Oxid
• Content of MCrAlY Coatings

• Controller: Siemens PLC S7
• Display: Siemens Operator Panel TP 1500
• Gas Control: Closed loop mass flow controlled
• Kerosene Pump: Membrane type (Wear- Free)

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